About Me

Hi, my name's Christy.

Yeah, I don't take the best photos.

I'm also regularly too loud, and I hold a gold medal in the Olympic sport of complaining.

My grammar is atrocious (though I do a good job of hiding it on here), and there are times my cats are less stubborn than me.

At times I'm still afraid of the dark, and if that dude in the Greek myth was as pushy as me, he would've barreled that boulder to the top.

Did I mention that I constantly take things too far?

Or that I overreact so often you'd think my life was a soap-opera?

Or that I absolutely refuse to eat cantaloupe?

And yet, for some reason, God not only loves me, but He's using my silly little writings and musings for His glory and kingdom. Just goes to show you that there's no limit to what He can do with your life if you're willing to let Him.

After all, He decided to use me, didn't He?

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