Monday, February 23, 2015

Why I Don't Like How People Use These Words

This is a Bible. A giant book of cats is not.


We know what these words mean. The world uses these words in a different way than their definition.

And I hate it.

Like seriously.

There are certain phrases you'll hear thrown around a lot containing these words. You probably can name a handful of them yourself. Like the Cat Bible. Or the popular show, Property Virgins. These terms seem to be becoming more and more popular in our culture.

On Amazon, for example, I found more than a dozen cookbooks with "Bible" in their titles.

I hate the way these terms are used in these titles/phrases.

It cheapens the meaning

The Bible isn't just a book of wisdom. It's the infallible, God-breathed, sacred teaching of God Almighty Himself.

A virgin doesn't just refer to not having done something before. Rather, it specifically refers to someone who has never known another person sexually. Someone who, instead of falling into the temptations of the world, has chosen to keep his or her body pure until marriage.

By using these terms in the way the world has started to use them, it devalues them. When we refer to books containing inordinate amounts of information as "bibles," we start to lose our wonder, awe, and respect for the Word and the One Who wrote it. When we use the word virgin to refer to anything someone hasn't done before ("Oh, I'm a homework virgin"), we scoff at the gift God's given us to give to our husband someday.

You might read this and think I'm overreacting. Or nit-picking. Or getting into the legalism pool. But if we as Christians make light and use these words regardless of their true meaning, how can we expect anyone to take them seriously?

How can we expect someone to hold the Bible as the truly sacred book it is when we boast the Mac N' Cheese Bible on the same shelf?

How can we expect our friend who's struggling to keep sexually pure with her boyfriend think it's worth it when she hears the word "virgin" dropping from our lips as we say we've never worn a pair of heels before?

I'm not saying we should go bashing people who use these terms. They've been conditioned by the sinful world they live in. But I am saying that we as Christians should not partake in the world's shameful speech. We should not make light of these words.

A Bible is God's holy, incorruptible Word.

A virgin is someone saving him or herself for marriage.

And that's it.

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