Monday, November 17, 2014

"They're dead."

Okay, let's talk about another Disney movie!

As I've mentioned before, I love Disney movies. I don't care that technically I'm an adult (although I know some people who would argue whether reaching a certain age makes you an adult or not). I plan on watching Disney movies until I'm ninety, and probably beyond that.

So another movie I really love is Mulan (by the way, this is one of the few Disney movies where the good guys get most of the awesome lines). I just think it's so funny. Mushu is probably the best character (well, okay, little cricket dude Cri-Kee is pretty awesome too).

And I adore Mulan's grandmother.

Although she's not in it much, Grandmother Fa adds so much to the movie. Without her and Mushu, it'd be pretty dull. In fact, she gets to say most of my favorite lines (yay Grandma!).

One such line is from the scene where Grandmother Fa and Mulan's mother, Fa Li, are waiting for Mulan to arrive in town to get ready to meet the matchmaker.

Fa Li, pacing anxiously waiting for her wayward daughter, bemoans not praying to her ancestors for luck.

And then Grandmother Fa comes in with the awesome zing line: "How lucky can they be? They're dead."

Isn't that the truth?

People put their trust in things which are dead.

Buddha is dead.

Confucius is dead.

Muhammad is dead.

Moses is dead.

But Jesus Christ is alive.

All the world religions* (at least that I know of) involve trusting in the words of a dead man (or woman).

But we don't put our hope, our trust, our future, in some guy who lived and died eons ago. Our hope is in a Man Who not only lived a perfect, unblemished life, but also came back to life to be our Advocate at the Father's right hand.

Our trust for life is in Jesus.

Our trust for forgiveness is in Jesus.

Our trust for a healed relationship is in Jesus.

Don't trust dead people. Trust the One Who actually came back, Who put something besides hot air behind His words.

Trust Jesus.

*From what I understand of them, even Roman Catholicism and Greek Orthodoxy (and their sister religions) trust more in Mary and the saints than Jesus. Again, they trust in something or someone other than Jesus, something or someone without any power to save them that is long gone / dead. Only trust in the Lord Jesus leads to salvation, trust in anything or anyone else is idolatry and useless.

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