Monday, November 10, 2014

Closed doors?

So in my family, we're kind of softies for cats.

Over the years, we've had tons of cats, mainly strays which have come to our door.

And now we've adopted another. 

This is Tito.

He lives in our basement. One night a while ago, when I was home alone, he came to the top of the steps and sat there crying to go outside. I wouldn't let him out though, no matter how much he cried. I know, I'm so cruel...

But the truth is, he has no front claws.

Front claws, in case you don't know, are a cat's front line of defense (which is why I think it's terribly cruel to de-claw them, but that's another story). Without those claws, it's really hard for cats to defend themselves should they need to. And where I live, dogs sometimes roam free, and there are other animals Tito could tousle with. Not to mention that people don't see as well at night, and could be sleepy, and the house is near the road...

So the truth is, I'm just protecting him. But he doesn't understand that. To him, I'm being cruel. He wants to go outside, to have fun doing whatever cats find so interesting out there, but I'm keeping him locked in the basement like some wicked witch. He doesn't understand, and he doesn't see the danger I'm trying to protect him from.

You know, that's kind of how it is with us and God sometimes.

God loves us so much, He tries to protect us. He can see the danger, but we can't. Sometimes we want things sooooooooooooooooooooo badly, we fight and fight and fight for them. But God closes the door. Sometimes, He has to slam it shut right before we sneak through, practically getting our fingers pinched. And then we whine, and moan, and beg God to let us through. And when He doesn't, when He bars the door, refusing to let us through, we think He's cruel, that maybe He doesn't really love us, that maybe it's all a lie, that maybe He doesn't really exist....

Because we don't see the danger. We don't see the car crash, the broken heart, the ruined health. We don't see the danger God is trying to protect us from. Instead, we see the bars He sets across the door as bars to keep us in prison, to keep us miserable. When really, the bars keep us safe, keep the evil out, protect us.

When you feel stuck, like doors keep slamming in your face, it could be that it's just not time yet. But it could also be that God's protecting you from something, that if you go down that path, it would lead to disaster.

Keep praying. Keep seeking His will. And remember, if the doors keep closing, maybe it's time to change direction.

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