Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What is love?

So I get songs stuck in my head constantly (well, okay, not when I'm sleeping).

It doesn't matter what happens, I'll probably be reminded of a song. Like when I finish a task, the song "Looks Like We Made It" by Barry Manilow runs through my head. Or at least the first line of the chorus does ("looks like we made it..."). Same with when I finally get a point someone's trying to make. Only then it's usually "And at last I see the light..." from TANGLED's "I See the Light".*

The annoying part of it is, I don't always remember the entire song. It's usually only the first or second line of the chorus that runs through my head, and then I usually find myself wondering what the rest of the song is about, and sometimes that leads to an internet search.

Which is what happened today. This time, the song was "What is Love?".

And after reading the rest of the lyrics, I can tell you one thing: love is NOT what that song describes.

That song is a pretty good picture of what lust is, but not a chance it portrays love. At least not the Biblical, holy love that God encourages us to seek.

Lust is seeking your own satisfaction. Love is putting others' wants above your own.

Lust is using others. Love is serving others.

Lust is blaming others. Love is working to fix the problem.

Lust is focusing on your needs. Love is focusing on others' needs.

Lust is quitting when it's too hard. Love is striving even when it's tough.

Lust is giving in to pressure to sin when your boyfriend asks/demands sex. Love is holding yourself back from sex until marriage, saving yourself for your future husband.

Lust is letting your mind dwell on perverted fantasies. Love is taking every thought captive.

Lust is easy as anything. Love is tough as a week-old bagel. Tougher, in fact.

Kick lust to the curb. Choose love. It's not easy, but it's worth it.

*Yes, it is very fun being me, in case you were wondering. I enjoy my random outbursts of song, though I don't know if my friends and family do.

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