Thursday, May 22, 2014


Life isn't easy. We all know that, I'm not saying anything new here. And sometimes we feel utterly lost. It doesn't matter what age we are. You could be a teen, in your twenties, or older. You could be in your dream job, or waiting tables trying to break into your dream job. You could have a house full of crazy toddlers, or you could be praying desperately for a baby, or maybe your babies are grown and gone.

But sometimes, we just feel lost.

We don't know what's going on in our lives. We don't know what God's doing. We don't know how He's going to fix the mess we got ourselves into. We don't know how everything could turn into something wonderful .We feel as if we've missed the mark, as if we failed, as if we've skipped by His plans for us like a blissfully ignorant little grasshopper which got stepped on the next minute.

But God isn't done with us.

Think about how He chased after Jonah, how He chased after Paul. Think about how many people in the Bible were skipping, or running along, actively fighting against God, against what He wanted them to do, and yet He chased after them, and brought them back to His will.

Sure, you say, but they were important. God had big plans for them...

But He has big plans for you, too.

God didn't put you here just because He needed to stick another body on earth so it wouldn't spin too fast. He placed you here, chose you to be where you were born, to be who you are, for a purpose. His purpose. And sure, maybe you've run from His will, maybe you've spent years chasing dreams that weren't His plan for you, but He always brings us back.

I started writing when I was in high school. And granted, it wasn't awesome, and I still have a lot to learn even now, but God had given me a gift. And for years, I ran from it. I chased other dreams, putting my writing on the back burner, saying, "Someday, but not yet."

But God brought me back. He helped me realize that, of all the gifts He could've given me, He chose writing. He gave me words to help others. Through novels, through blogging. And whether it's only one person, or a multitude, He helped me realize that even if at the end of the day barely anybody read what I had to say, it is worth it. Because I don't know who God will guide to my stories or to my blog, but at least one person will need to read it. At least one person will be changed, encouraged, strengthened. Because God worked through me. Because I was available.

Just be available. Seek His will. God's not going to lead you wrong. He'll lead you to His will for your life. And even if you feel like you've messed everything up, even if you don't see how all the little pieces can be put back together again, guess what? He can put those pieces back. He can bring us through the messes we've gotten ourselves into. He can use all of that for His glory.

But He doesn't just go in and start cleaning house. He waits for us to ask Him. He waits for us to be ready. He waits for us to be available.

And if you've been seeking His will, if you've been listening, waiting, hoping, and still feel lost, keep praying, hang in there.

Because God isn't finished with any of us yet.

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